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FJL Faustina James Executive Talent Recruitment

Faustina James London

Faustina James is a full-service Recruitment Agency with unique approaches to matching candidates with employers. Since 2020 FJL has helped clients living in the UK find jobs best suited for their skills and interests, and helped companies, nationwide, locate perfect employees. FJL has provided belt and braces to the hiring process so that recruiters do […]

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SustainInStye Sustainable and Eco-friendly web catalogue

Sustain In Style

Sustain In Style is a platform for Green Shoppers. A satellite of started by H D Fraser in 2020 now collectively seeing over 120,000 unique visitors a month. Sustain In Style has dedicated UK ( and US (.com) facing shopfronts. Collaborating with leading and pioneering advocates of ethical retail to promote as diverse a

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Cybersecurity Ransomware Protection With Blockchain Technology

Cybersecurity And Ransomware Protection With Blockchain Technology

Sollensys is the first cybersecurity  and ransomware protection that provides a safety net that’s built on the brilliance of blockchain technology∗. The underlying principle is so easy to understand it’s surprising it hasn’t been done before: Drag and drop your files to the blockchain – i.e Upload  Your file then gets encrypted Then shredded Then the

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Free Podcast Generator

Free Podcast Generator

Podcast Generator is a web based podcast publishing script written in PHP: Upload your media files (audio-video) via a convenient web form. Include episode information Podcast is automatically created Generated podcast is via a w3c-compliant feed including iTunes specific tags. It also features a comprehensive web administration. Podcast Generator is bundled with hosting plans.

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A New Way To Network

Share My Card A Hosted Digital Contact And Promotions Service ‘Share My  Card®’ (Registered Trademark) is a multifaceted approach to business networking both offline and online as a complement to or even instead of a website and social networking. In it’s simplest form Share My Card is a hosted business contact card service- with free

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