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Web hosting with data centers in five geographic regions

USA – United Kingdom – Finland – Australia – Bulgaria


Full Geo-Location Choice, 

Transparency and Autonomy,

Independent Commercial Data Centers

Full Data Governance.


What sets us apart from the crowd is our Hespia based Web Hosting and Domain Name platform – Our platform is comprised of a fully featured, bespoke control panel and an account management system all in the same space. This design approach provides intuitive navigation, help videos and access to 24hr support – all in one place.  Hespia has eliminated an annoying feature of other control panels –  having to manage the account administration and website controls in different areas.

We are backed by technology infrastructure provided by carefully selected, independent, datacenter providers in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, Finland and Bulgaria coupled with 24x7x365 support. That’s the reason why small business love us!


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USA, Canada or South America

Business websites serving visitors from the USA, Canada or South America benefit best by choosing our American data center – Steadfast. Steadfast is physically located in the downtown area of Chicago, IL,  and is one of the best known data centers in America!


US Data Center for Web Hosting

US Data Center

Steadfast Data Center in Chicago, IL

United Kingdom

We have partnered with probably the most established of UK datacenters – Pulsant. Located in Reading, Berkshire a few miles to the north west of London, Pulsant operates 10 data centers throughout the UK. Pulsant employs 400 highly skilled personnel in order to deliver a high level of security and system admins who take care of the server network 24/7/365.

United Kingdom, the rest of Europe and even Africa web content providers will receive the optimum service delivery from the Pulsant datacenter.  As web sites will be physically nearer to the intended website visitors this will enable faster website loading speeds.


UK Data Center

Pulsant Data Center in Berkshire

Australia, Oceania

Our hosting platform has partnered with one of the best–connected data centers in Oceania. Based in Australia – Amaze is has its headquarters in the Central Business District of Sydney. It truly is the best datacenter in the Southern Hemisphere and for that reason it gives the ultimate website hosting conditions for web sites and applications in Oceania. Oceania is the geographic region that includes Australasia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia.


Australia Data Center

Amaze Data Center in Sydney, Australia

Fast Website Loading Speeds for Eastern Europe !


If you’re focused on the Eastern European market, then your sites will be best positioned in our Bulgarian datacenter – Telepoint. Located in the capital, Sofia, this data center is found at the crossroads of both nearby and international important Internet lines plus, it offers exceptional connectivity for all Eastern European countries.


Bulgaria Data Center for Web Hosting

BG Data Center

Telepoint Data Center in Sofia, Bulgaria

Ficolo, Finland

A location that is built to withstand aerial attack, EMP attacks and disasters is our Finnish data center. Situated in a former belowground army facility, it will guarantee the best protection for your sites.

In addition, because of its location, this data center gives  incredible online connectivity with Russia, Northern and Central Europe, along with the rest of the world.


Finland Data Center

Ficolo Data Center in Pori, Finland

The Best And The Cheapest Hosting

Our best web hosting plan: Business Plan at £5.20 per month or £62.45 per year.** 

The cheapest hosting plan: Starter Plan at £3.96 per month or £47.50 per year.** 

Best value hostingUnlimited Plan at £20.00 £14.99 per month or £240.00 £179.88 per year.**


** Base currency is GB Pound Sterling (£). All orders are available in the equivalent local currency. 


All plans benefit from free 24/7/365 hosting support – by email and through a ticketing system which aims to respond within 60 minutes. In practice the average response time is less than 20 mins. Telephone or live chat is available during business hours. We have local support contact numbers for USA, United Kingdom and Australian callers.

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