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HDUK Limited are a technical consultancy based in South London, UK. We provide Web Development, IT and Technical Solutions to SMEs (Small and Medium sized Enterprise). Our specialities are Healthcare Technology, IT Management, Systems Development, Projects and Managed E-Business and E-Commerce for intranet or internet.We have worked in and pro...
About us

Graphic Design Services

Bespoke graphic and visual design for print, web and digital media.

Digital Banner Ad Design
DIGITAL BANNER AD DESIGN SERVICEPremium quality, ready to upload banner ads!All of our  static banner ad desig...
Digital Banner Ad Design
Business Card Design Service
BUSINESS CARD DESIGN Make the best first impression with a professionally designed business card ! Give us a brief sum...
Business Card Design Service
Brochure Design Service
BROCHURE DESIGN SERVICES Let us create the next promotional brochure document for your brand !We have plenty of ped...
Brochure Design Service
Professional Flyer Design
PROFESSIONAL FLYER DESIGN Create flyers with appeal for your product, service or events !Take advantage of our wi...
Professional Flyer Design
High Resolution Poster Design
HIGH RESOLUTION POSTER DESIGN High resolution multi purpose poster design ! We will provide designs suitable for any s...
High Resolution Poster Design
Logo Design Service
LOGO DESIGN SERVICE Cutting edge logo design with unlimited revisions up to sign off ! Choose a logo design package ...
Logo Design Service

About Our Hosting

There are many hosting providers, most have something you don't need -  and don't have what you need - value all the time, a user friendly control panel and 24x7 support. Independent datacenters in 5 geographic regions coupled with a bespoke 'Hespia' management system - HostFraser.com, puts data governance firmly in your hands. No limited time offer gimmicks, no huge price hikes on renewal. 


SiteGround Hosting Offer £0.99 For 3 Months
08 Apr
SiteGround Hosting Offer £0.99 For 3 Months
  SITEGROUND SPECIAL OFFER  For a limited time, SiteGround are running a special hosting offer as a di... More info
ESET 90 Day Complementary License.
31 Mar
ESET 90 Day Complementary License.
Complementary 90 Day ESET Licence. Dear Friends, In these difficult times and with unprecedented numbers o... More info
Tech Supply Chain
18 Mar
Tech Supply Chain
IT Hardware and Software Buying Just Got Easier. HDUK Ltd has simplified the technology procurement needs for existing ... More info


HDUK has been assisting Virgo Solicitors Limited with a variety of IT support and online management services over a prolonged period of time. The service is prompt, reliable and efficient and also highly recommendable to...
Dr. Abess Taqi
Senior Partner
Excellent online service. Offers a broad and good deal on new products and services.
Dynasty World
Head of Design
HDUK provides corporate level IT support and management services for SMEs. Received assistance and support from hosting through to creation, maintenance and marketing of various websites. Prompt, professional and efficie...
Sonia Ashley
Notary Public
HDUK has been a strategic partner to FT3 Advisory and Consulting Services.We've chosen HDUK as our BCP/DR partner to support our North American and Caribbean clients' cloud platforms based on our successful history o...
Kirk Dacosta

Web Hosting Pricing

Fully Featured Affordable Hosting Plans

Website and Application Hosting. Dedicated, Semi-dedicated & VPS. Domain Names Management. Sectigo & Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates


Starter £3.96

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Monthly Traffic
  • 1 Hosted Domain(s)
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Unlimited Parked Domains
  • 100 E-mail Accounts
  • 5 MySQL Databases
  • 5 GB VPN Traffic

Business £5.20

  •  Unlimited Disk Space
  •  Unlimited Monthly Traffic
  •  5 Hosted Domain(s)
  •  Unlimited Subdomains
  •  Unlimited Parked Domains
  •  500 E-mail Accounts
  •  20 MySQL Databases
  •  15 GB VPN Traffic

Unlimited £14.99

  •  Unlimited Disk Space
  •  Unlimited Monthly Traffic
  •  Unlimited Domain(s)
  •  Unlimited Subdomains
  •  Unlimited Parked Domains
  •  Unlimited E-mails
  •  Unlimited MySQL DBs
  •  25 GB VPN Traffic

News Updates

One for the Marketing Department. Many website owners and web users use www. [your domain name] and [your domain name] interchangeably - in conversation and thought. However as far as the web, and in particular search is concerned they are DIFFERENT.

"URLs with "www" and those without are considered to be two separate URLs, so the search results will be different"

A domain name without the www is considered to be the naked domain and is the prevalent expression in use today e.g. google . com hardly anyone in 2020 says www . google . com unless encouraged to do so.

Problem? Well we at Hosting & Design UK churn out landing pages for new promotions or specialities within organisations - and we (us and the client) both need that page to rank at #1 or as close as possible out of the box without buying the privilege (e.g. adwords). This is 10/10 based on the naked domain. However the marketing department or website owner may run an advertising campaign using the 'www.' version of the domain name. In a search your landing page is ranking in the top 3 but those reacting to the marketing campaign cannot find your landing page as the www. version doesn't really exist!
Solution? After resolving so many of these we thought it would be nice (as we are) to share a solution (there are others) :

(1) Communication and documentation is the big #1. First and foremost make a decision which format your url will take - www or non www. Document and communicate to all decision makers. Follow the document trail to the letter; http or https, www or without and of course the nearly invisible '.' dot. As for Zeros, Noughts, O's and 0's - we won't go there today. There are somethings that shouldn't have to be said.

(2) Add a 301 redirect in your .htaccess file ( Handle with care !) e.g.

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} www.[your domain name]
RewriteRule (.*) http://[your domain name]/$1 [R=301,L]

That should take care of matters. The example assumes the naked domain is the one of choice but the same principle applies vice-versa.

(4) Always get Hosting And Design UK to create your landing pages (obviously) lol. Seriously, we are good at what we do and landing pages are effective as promotional 'digital' flyers. They can be very basic - more use of text and colour than images, for performance and mobile appeal. Or they can be visual works of art - graphics that you supply or we create at cost. No encouragement either way, they both suit specific purposes and audience.Prices start from £120 for existing clients.
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Virgo Solicitors in Tottenham have made use of their blog capability to advise clients and the community of their Business Continuity Planning during the current Corona Virus | Covid-19 period of heightened awareness - well done Abess & Team! virgosolicitors.co.uk ... See MoreSee Less

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