Remote Support


Remote technical assistance which enables HDUK to interact with your computer will require the use of software tools for which local agent software has to be installed on the client machine. We do our best to perform due diligence on the software providers business and product integrity before selection.

If you are within a managed IT environment you may require authorization or assistance in order to install software or participate in a remote connection session to a third-party. Please consult your IT representative if this is the case.

  • Granting access to your computer enables HDUK to assist you better and quicker which is of mutual benefit. You are agreeing to allow us access to and the ability to control your computer.
  • Granting remote access to your computer will give HDUK visibility to files that reside on your computer. You accept responsibility for any changes or losses to content or system settings.
  • HDUK recommends that your data should be backed up and retrievable in the event that remote support inadvertentley corrupts data.
  • HDUK will not accept liability or costs incurred following any data loss, equipment failure or claim following a remote connection using third party tools.
  • A remote support session may be interrupted by network or hardware failure or manual interaction by HDUK or the client. Be advised that malfunctions can occur in these circumstances.