Cybersecurity Ransomware Protection With Blockchain Technology

Cybersecurity And Ransomware Protection With Blockchain Technology

Sollensys is the first cybersecurity  and ransomware protection that provides a safety net that’s built on the brilliance of blockchain technology∗. The underlying principle is so easy to understand it’s surprising it hasn’t been done before:

  • Drag and drop your files to the blockchain – i.e Upload 
  • Your file then gets encrypted
  • Then shredded
  • Then the fragments are distributed throughout the blockchain
Any file type can be stored securely and recalled on demand. You retrieve a perfect copy of your original file – with unviewed, uncorrupted, and unchanged data. Accessible from any browser. Even video files can be secured and retrieved this way, a first for blockchain technology.

Securing Data Before Endpoints

Rather than starting with penetrable endpoints, Sollensys begins with securing a copy of what the hackers want most to hold hostage and corrupt: your digital intellectual property and operational data. 

Sollensys’ cybersecurity and ransomware protection model ensures that you will never have to pay a ransom by safeguarding an immutable and uncorrupted copy of your data.

Sollensium Focused on Data security - not recovery

With Sollensium, Sollensys’ secure data archive system, you no longer need to be concerned with data recovery — your data will always be in a perfect and uncorrupted state. This allows for full focus on security, not recovery. 

Sollensium works seamlessly with existing backup procedures and virtually any hardware and software combination, without the need to replace or eliminate any part of your current data security or backup systems. Sollensys offers a turnkey ransomware and cybersecurity protection solution that can stand alone or seamlessly integrate into an existing data backup infrastructure allowing you to quickly recover from any ransomware attack.

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*What Is Blockchain ?

“Blockchain is a technology centered on the concept of immutability, meaning it keeps data from being changed or corrupted. Blockchain is a superior method for storing, securing, and transferring data, which is why we use a private version of it to protect your most important data. Sollensium is a private, double blockchain that allows you to upload, encrypt, secure, and safely recall any type of data, including video assets, which is a first for blockchain technology.”