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Share My Card

A Hosted Digital Contact And Promotions Service

‘Share My  Card’ (trademark pending) is a multifaceted approach to business networking both offline and online as a complement to or even instead of a website and social networking.

In it’s simplest form Share My Card is a hosted business contact card service- with free guest membership to an uber cheap subscription entry point businesses of any size can create, share and promote their business services and products. 

On signup users gain access to a card submission feature complete with short text description of the business or service which also enables SEO.


Share My Card

Part of the dynamism of the hosted ‘card’ is the ability to take the normal one or two sides of a printed card to a multi sided online format which is akin to a slideshow – your business card can now be used to give a powerpoint like presentation.

Sharing is encouraged and facilitated by social share buttons including email and WhatsApp. Each card page has a unique QR code – handy for when details on the card change, the communication link relationship remains the same. The cards themselves can be qr coded – scan to chosen endpoint such as website, email, social media page, phone number or to display a message. The use cases seem to be endless.

Unique selling points for the service include the ability to do a contactless share with either a known contact, a new face to face contact via qr code or the ability to gain maximum visibility as a result of the sharing features.

Share My Card is developed with mobile users in mind first. The service is deployed as a new generation progressive web app or PWA. A locally installed app which has the same functionality if the user uses ‘Add to home screen’ or A2HS. This enables the service to be available offline, works faster and for the subscriber with a number of cards makes finding and sharing a breeze.

Share My Card provides a simple entry point to online promotion having all the search benefits of a website but at a fraction of the costs and time overhead. With such a plethora of social spaces, web space and directories to promote in the user can now simply share their business card to the channel rather than manage each space individually. We use the term card loosely as the same principle applies to business flyers or posters – which follow the A5 or A4 format.

Share My Card will revolutionize business networking and promotion by using an established and familiar business media formats in a digitally distributed environment with diverse sharing opportunities. Share your card with one contact today and it could be shared or seen by millions.



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