WooCommerce Point Of Sale Systems

Point Of Sale Systems For Website and On Premise

WooCommerce Point Of Sale Systems

Point of sale systems (POS) are one of the most important tools for any business directly engaging with their customers – it’s where payment takes place for the goods or services you supply. 

A cost and financial management reporting challenge for small businesses who trade online is how to have a unified POS to cater for offline or on premise transactions that is in harmony with their website ecommerce transactions – rather than having to reconcile later.

This is especially a challenge for small businesses with mobile sales, cash on delivery and dynamic businesses who experience frequent changes in customer and/or product types.



WooCommerce Point Of Sale Systems

YITH Point of Sale works natively with WooCommerce – the most popular ecommerce solution for Worpress. Your on premise and online storefronts are connected via the WooCommerce REST API. All orders taken from the onsite POS  (computer or touch enabled tablet or smartphone) will be automatically synced to the database of your WordPress WooCommerce application along with any other information such as product stock levels, customers’ data etc.

A transformational enhancement for WooCommerce business users – we love it !

We have instances of store owners with full ecommerce capabilty who have opted not to take payments online but who can still leverage the facility for customer facing transactions – without the high costs associated with POS terminals !