Green Hosting ?

How eco friendly is your hosting? 

A question most would not but should be asking given the increasing awareness to the effects of climate change. ICT and particularly datacentres use a phenomenal amount of energy for power and cooling – 10% of global energy consumption, which is 50% more than the aviation industry.

Green Hosting

In the UK Pulsant, our datacentre of choice, is focused on maintaining environmentally friendly policies and practice. Pulsant is a member of Green Grid, and all 10 of its UK datacentres are ISO 14001 accredited for environmental management systems. Power is supplied from renewable energy sources and all sites conform to the EU code of conduct that promotes the use of ‘green’ best practices.

And if that wasn’t impressive enough Pulsant are constantly updating the electrical and network infrastructures of all datacentre sites to ensure optimal usage of energy. They have invested in advanced cooling methods — cooling accounts for the largest portion of energy usage in a datacentre — which includes free air cooling, evaporative cooling and differential heat recovery systems, using latent heat energy to power cooling techniques.

Choose A Green Host

When you host with you not only benefit from good economic value, you’re also choosing to utilise green hosting, doing your bit for the planet.