When To Maintain Websites

For content that changes frequently ie daily or weekly you need a content management system (CMS) and a plan or schedule.

A CMS can take many forms and are chosen based on the available skillset, the type of content being managed and cost.  Even with the best initial intention  most small business are time poor, maintaining and updating websites runs a poor third or lower in the list of priorities.

Maintenance requires both discipline and time – scarce commodities. Business users should ideally refresh some of their content monthly.

Technical and performance related maintenance tend to overlap in the scope of activities carried out – and all activities overlap with security.

For some clients we see regular and sustained campaigns to gain access to their site and make modifications to the security configurations on an ongoing basis. In some instances malware sweeps have to be done more often than the norm until a problem is resolved.

In all cases:

Have a Plan – what is to be done, how often, what to improve. Document.