Website Security Due Diligence

HDUK Limited is managed by professionals with years of corporate management experience delivering IT, Service and Compliance. The majority of our clients today are relatively small operations employing between 1 and 50 individuals, without the deep pockets or big budgets that a multi-national invests in hired staff to routinely perform due diligence security checks on their public facing assets – websites or apps. However ‘small’ we think we are – we are exposed to exactly the same risks as large corporations :

Website Security Risks Impact

  • Data Theft
  • Malicious Code
  • Unauthorised Access
  • Fraud – through impersonation
  • Punitive Fines for GDPR breaches
  • Loss of business and revenue
  • Reputational Damage

Website Due Diligence Actions

Whilst it is seemingly impossible to cover all the bases we have a primary duty of care to :
  • Identify risks – treat or mitigate
  • Demonstrate that security is taken seriously
  • Constantly improve
Unfortunately too many organisations take a knee jerk approach to Website Security Due Diligence – reacting to legislative or regulatory demands such as GDPR or the professional body they are a part of. Others rank the importance of web security based on its impact on performance e.g. how security, such as SSL impacts on SEO ranking. We continue to be surprised (shocked, amazed, appalled) by the number of ‘professional’ websites – public and private sector, that we encounter that are waving Cyber Essentials and Information Security banners and badges yet lack the obvious – encryption, an appropriate and relevant privacy policy, opt in on contact forms, exposed credentials…

Website Maintenance Plans

HDUK Limited (also known as Hosting & Design UK for web clients) provides adhoc, on demand or regular maintenance interventions for Small, Medium and Larger businesses enabling due diligence to be evidenced and maintaining a document trail.
Activity log – who has last accessed your web administration and when
Users – are there any unexpected or surplus to requirements admin accounts
Malware Scan – identify, record and treat suspicious files
Mitigate Risks – update plugins and themes, remove surplus.
Security Enhancements – mask default login names and paths, set correct access permissions
plus: two factor authentication, CAPTCHA, honeypot traps etc.

See our WordPress Security Maintenance Checklist

If your budget or operational needs do not support a full time, employed resource then speak with us and pay for what you need and as often as you need it – 0207 993 4796 or mobile 07956438026.

 Contact us today – for a Website Maintenance Plan that suits your needs.




Monthly Website Maintenance Plan

Adhoc or ongoing wordpress website maintenance agreements
£ 60 Monthly
  • Core Files, Theme and Plugin Updates
  • Security Surveillance and Malware Check
  • Performance and Functional Checks
  • Computerised Management Database Email Updates