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We have been providing hosting services since 2000. During that time we’ve come to understand the pros and cons of web hosting. The fact is that there are relatively few ‘big’ players who actually own their own infrastructure and support resources – and many white label resellers of rented space in these data centres.

Many SMEs entrust hosting to their web designers, who in most cases host their clients websites with a provider they receive a small commission from, ‘small’ being the operative word as it doesn’t take long to realise that reselling hosting isn’t the best hassle free revenue stream or  has the profit margins for their business model. As a result we regularly rescue website owners from web hosting arrangements they have no control over and which have long been abandoned by the web designer or budding reseller. In fact in some cases it has been a case of proving they are the legal website owner !

These are OK for an owner/operator hobby site or a sole trader if  you have control or governance of your site and hosted data. A serious business owner however needs to have that assurance  of governance whilst getting on with their day to day business.

We select or recommend hosting that is suitable for your web project be it AWS, Azure, WP Engine or shared hosting services which are more cost effective (shared as in you have space on a server as opposed to paying for exclusive use of a dedicated server and its upkeep). 

Our dedicated hosting platform : HostFraser.com has been reliably serving the hosting needs  of clients around the globe for over 10 years. Today we can boast that the datacenters are  HTTP/2 ready and running, GDPR and IS0 27001 compliant and using Solid State Devices (SSD) for reliability and performance ! There’s plenty more to shout about – visit HostFraser.com